2 Hay Loader Patents - Hartman and Otto

 Charles Hartman of Sandwich was an employee of Sandwich Manufacturing Company for many years.  In 1919 he applied for a patent for improvements to a hay loader. His patent mentions a machine that was  originally patented by August Otto Jr in 1914, and we will provide a link to that patent also.  This picture was taken many years later,  Mr. Hartman is in the front row, sitting on the barrel. 

Below is a link to each patent, containing all the verbiage and illustrations

Hartman Patent

Otto Patent


  1. Thank you for sharing my Great Grandfather Charles Hartman patent information. It would be so awesome if you could find all the first patents and publish in a pamphlet.

    1. In this picture GG Hartman would have been 62. Picture is dated September 14, 1938.

      If anyone nows of a Hay Loader in the area, I would love to see it.

  2. My great great grandfather worked at this company. I don't know the dates. His name was Orange Webster Britton. His toddler son, Claude Orange Britton (my great grandfather) was involved in an accident at this plant and lost his right arm. I don't know any of the details, but would like to know if anyone has more information.
    Deirdra Graf Rhodes


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