Gasoline Sheller Outfit - 1908

 Sandwich didn't begin producing their own line of gas engines until late 1912. Here is a great example of a 4 hole Sandwich Sheller powered by a New-Way gas engine. New Way engines were manufactured by the New Way Motor Company, Lansing, Michigan. Courtesy of Chris Phillips


Invoices from Sandwich Manufacturing

 Here are some examples of invoices from Sandwich Manufacturing. 

Unused example courtesy of John Twait

Rockefeller Buys Sandwich Machine

 Fun Fact from the Sandwich Newspaper in September, 1916.

Rockefeller Buys Sandwich Press

John D Rockefeller is using Sandwich made machinery on his large estate in New York. He also recently purchased a Sandwich hay press (baler) for shipment to his estate at Pocantico Hills, New York.

For additional information on the Rockefeller estate and museum

To learn more about the estate

I recently contacted the curator at the estate, and I got a reply a few weeks later, Unfortunately they currently have no Sandwich machines on display at the estate. There are numerous barns and if they discover anything related, they will get back to me.

Adams & French Harvester

  Augustus Adams started developing binders and reapers in the summer of 1850 while he was still living in Elgin. He was the first to introd...