2 Hay Loader Patents - Hartman and Otto

 Charles Hartman of Sandwich was an employee of Sandwich Manufacturing Company for many years.  In 1919 he applied for a patent for improvements to a hay loader. His patent mentions a machine that was  originally patented by August Otto Jr in 1914, and we will provide a link to that patent also.  This picture was taken many years later,  Mr. Hartman is in the front row, sitting on the barrel. 

Below is a link to each patent, containing all the verbiage and illustrations

Hartman Patent

Otto Patent

Early Engines

I received these pictures a few days ago from a long time friend. These early engines are in excellent original condition  and I thought I’d share them with you.  The lettering and pin striping is exceptional. Fine examples!  


Adams & French Harvester

  Augustus Adams started developing binders and reapers in the summer of 1850 while he was still living in Elgin. He was the first to introd...