Invitation From The Governor

 Gubernatorial Invitation  Courtesy of the Adams Family

Augustus Adams, the founder of A. Adams & Sons,  was more than a manufacturing pioneer and  businessman, he was involved in the political landscape of Illinois.  Courtesy of the Adams family archives, here's an invitation to Augustus from newly elected (1856) Illinois governor, William Bissell. Augustus was still representing Kane County, but in the process of moving to Sandwich, when he would have received this. Augustus and Lincoln were two of many to form the Illinois Republican Party and Bissell was Lincoln's hand picked candidate for governor. He had been a Democratic legislator, went off to distinguish himself in the Mexican-American War, and returned home and was convinced to run by Lincoln. He was the first Republican governor elected in the U.S. Other than that, he didn't distinguish himself, but his story is rather interesting. Given Lincoln's involvement in Bissell's election and how close this event was to Bissell's taking office, I like to believe Lincoln would have also been in attendance,  but, who knows. Thanks to the Adams Family for sharing this. 

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